Puffy Eyes Treatment With 9 Remedies

Puffy Eyes Treatment With 9 Remedies

It’s normal for people to wonder what’s causing their puffy eyes in the morning. When some people get up in the morning, they may realize their eyes are swollen. Because we don’t blink, fluids may settle or become lodged in the skin surrounding our eyes as we sleep. This swelling will start to go away as soon as you wake up and start blinking. Similarly, some persons get swelling in their lower limbs when they are resting which goes away when they walk. Moreover, Puffy eyes are a problem caused by swelling of the tissues around the eyes; this tissue is behind the eyes and can cause swelling; this disease is known as Puffy eyes.  Bags beneath the eyes are another common symptom of the same ailment and can be caused by several factors.

Your eyelid skin is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of your face’s skin. Eye bags can be made more visible by shadows and skin defects under-eye bags, most episodes of eye puffiness are minor, and the swelling is usually only temporary. They may signal an underlying medical problem, although they are more often caused by lifestyle factors such as a lack of sleep.

Causes Of Puffy Eyes

There are many causes some of the causes are as follows.

Fluid Retention

Our bodies are very fluid, and as we age our tissues tend to store additional fluids in response to certain conditions. Extra water retention can develop when we don’t get enough sleep to ensure that all of our tissues and organs can repair themselves.

Sodium Content

In other cases, it may be due to our diet, if you eat a lot of salty foods or drink alcohol, which can cause fluid retention in the eye tissues.

Beauty Products

Whether you accidentally put your eye in it, use harsh substances, or leave it on too long, makeup can often cause those dreaded “puffiness” under your eyes. Most cosmetics do not contain any natural elements,  which makes them foreign to your body. Despite the best efforts of manufacturers, some people are allergic to certain cosmetics.


Despite all attempts to combat puffy eyes, some people are simply unlucky because their genetics predispose them to puffy eyes. The unfortunate fact is that there’s nothing you can do about genetic traits.

Sun Exposure

We are aware that we need to protect ourselves from prolonged exposure to the sun, but we often neglect our eyes. We can wear sunglasses, but that doesn’t protect all of the delicate tissue around our eyes. 

Home Remedies of Puffy Eyes

Here are some quick and easy techniques to get rid of bags under your eyes. Try these simple tips and tricks to improve the natural beauty of your eyes.

1. Use Egg

Beat egg whites until stiff peaks form, then dab under eyes. Your eye region will tighten and seem less puffy as the egg white dries. After twenty minutes, rinse with cool water.

2. Keep Your Body Hydrated

The most effective way to reduce puffy eyes is to keep your body hydrated. There are several home cures for your eyes, but you won’t get the greatest results until you take care of your body from the inside out.  Water retention produces swollen eyes, which can be alleviated by drinking enough water.

3. Cooled Tea Bags

The greatest way to get rid of puffy eyes quickly is to use chilled tea bags. Soak two tea bags in cold water for at least 30 minutes before applying to swollen eyes. Cleaning the eyes should be done with cold water.  Puffiness around the eyes is considerably reduced by using chilled tea bags.

4. Cold Spoon Therapy

To remove dark circles beneath the eyes, use two metal spoons. Simply chill the scoops overnight and apply them to your eyes the next day to reduce puffiness.

5. Cucumber Wrap

Cucumber is an excellent and inexpensive home remedy for swollen eyes.  For at least 30 minutes, place two slices of cooled cucumber on your eyelids. It will energize.

6. Use Vaseline

To gently massage your eyelids. This will aid in the removal of moisture from the area around your eyes.  Use ice cubes wrapped in a cotton rag or towel to relieve your eyes.

7. Potato Wraps

Cut a raw potato into two slices and lay two cooled slices over your eyes for at least 20 minutes. This method will assist you with swollen eyes.

8. Massages With Ice

Gently massaging the swollen area may help the stored fluid drain. To begin, a person should dip their fingertips into ice-cold water. Then, starting at the inner corners of the eyes, press down on the skin with your fingertips, working your way out to the outer corners. Rep this practice till the eyes seem and feel less swollen; the finger should also be clean during this operation to avoid infections. The method should be repeated after some time for a better outcome.

9. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an excellent mineral source that lowers puffiness and has anti-wrinkle qualities, making it another useful home treatment for puffy eyes. To begin, place a few drops of pure vitamin E oil in a bowl of cold water, mix well, and dip two clean cotton pads in it. Place the damp cotton beneath your eyes for  20 minutes to reduce swelling.